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Communication in moments that matter.

Do you have a workplace conflict that’s costing you time and money? Is it making you stressed, keeping you awake at night and affecting your performance and that of your team?

Think about how amazing it would be if that problem just went away.

My name is Tess Brook. If you want to get to a solution quickly, reduce your stress and get your team engaged again, then I can help.

Call me for a confidental chat.

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Whatever your dispute resolution needs, there’s a service that’s just right for you.

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For the team members, having the opportunity to work through the team issues with a conflict coach and being off-site was extremely beneficial and a critical element to …

Queensland HealthA team in crisis

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Working with Tess as a mediator has seen our staff learn new communication skills that they now carry in their managers every day tool kit.

Australia PostDeveloping communication skills for the future

I really appreciated Tess’s support over the last few months. The process we have been through has been invaluable to the team. It has been …

Queensland HealthA voice from the team

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About Tess

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I’m a mediator, conflict coach and communication specialist who can help you prepare for and successfully manage your workplace conflict. From conflict coaching, mediation and facilitated conversations to team intervention, redundancy management and change, my step-by-step approach will result in you staying in control of the situation rather than it control you and your workplace.

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