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Cate Crombie uses Non-Violent Communication (NVC) to shift dysfunctional exchanges into out-come focused conversations

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Cate Crombie, Australia’s leading NVC specialist.

NVC was developed in 1960s by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD Psychologist and first published in his book of the same title.

In the 1980’s he established the not-for-profit Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) www.cnvc.org

This interview’s is a practical introduction to NVC.

Cate steps us taking us through:
~ the 4 key elements of NVC framework
~ how to handle conflict strategies
~ several case studies

Using this framework, not only guides you in the language you use, it provides a practical way to shift interactions from challenging exchanges to connected and collaborative conversations. This framework provides structure and revolutionises conversations.

Enjoy. Cheers Tess

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About Cate Crombie

Cate CrombieCate Crombie is an internationally accredited trainer and assessor with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) based in the USA. She is the current CNVC Board Secretary.

Cate currently facilitates Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshops and sessions in a variety of settings including corporate organisations, community centres, and private clients.

Cate is well known to audiences around Australia, in Singapore, New Zealand and the USA. She is a keynote speaker for the International Brain Gym Conference, numerous Montessori Conferences in Australia and the USA and other conferences.

As a dedicated educator and believer in the power that NVC can change lives, Cate was thrilled to be invited by Education Queensland to bring NVC into 110 state schools.

What people are saying about this interview

So interesting. Thanks for organising this sensational webinar!

Lorelei Baum
Strategy and Communications Consultant

Tess, Just a few words to thank you for providing the venue to discuss NVC. Would you be able to facilitate the slides of the webinar? I was not able to copy the final questions, I think they are brilliant! Thank you once again, it was very informative I can see adding it to my toolbox.

Mariela Villar
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Family Relationship Centre