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Here’s what you’ll discover. 

We all view situations through ‘frames of reference’ that provide the context or focus for our thoughts and actions. Often we can misinterpret a ‘frame’ and this effects how we react to and communicate in situations. Effective communicators can reframe a discussion to create a different viewpoint for themselves and others. This 10-day communication challenge focuses on strategies and skills to master reframes.

A reframe:

  • Can totally change how you feel about a situation, person or day.
  • Will influence the language you use and the results you get.
  • Will change how you lead your team, project and organisation.

By the end of this 10-day communication challenge you will:

  • Understand the impact of your frame of reference in communication
  • Learn strategies to master ‘reframes’
  • Improve your ability to communicate effectively
  • Approach old difficult conversations with increasing confidence
  • Have new skills to navigate and guide you through world of different views.

Here’s everything you get:

  • Bite-sized video’s training to make creating Cohesive Conversations simpler and easier
  • Daily e-mails with a simple, achievable task so that the habit of creating Cohesive Conversations is integrated into your daily life
  • The opportunity to submit to questions privately
  • Cohesive Communication techniques explained in simple practical steps
  • Links to useful resources, tools, articles, techniques and video to reenforce your learnings and the occasional laugh

At $197.00 (including GST) it is the best value personal development training available. Put simply, its 10 days to more confidence.

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What people are saying about the 10-day challenge

I thought the course was fantastic. I’ve done a little bit of reading on this subject matter before but I found the presentation of the material very easy to follow and the material was great / easy to engage with. My key takeaways were

The respond versus react is great. We are all guilty of it. I used to say this to my managers / supervisors: I want you to respond not react, take a deep breath and come from the thinking state not emotional state.
· Thinking of the outcome we want / consequences we don’t want and what we have to do to get it – great way of getting people to look at it, but also taking into account the different meaning / interpretation depending on how you audience views it – great to raise awareness around this.
· The reframe examples were very good. Again just that simple change can make such a huge difference to the outcome, the alignment and outcome frameworks
· Acknowledging my own roadblocks

Declan RooneyCIO Department of State Development, Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

I think for me the major benefit has been the opportunity to reflect on my personal style and the extent to which I am contributing to the breakdown in conversations. Something I certainly don’t normally get sufficient time for. I have now imposed a discipline of reviewing my day for 10 – 15 minutes in the morning using that Cohesive Conversations toolkit to see where and if something might be useful.

Peter SullivanContractor to Defence Workforce Planning Branch Department of Defence