Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process that helps individuals develop skills and confidence in order to be able to proactively engage, manage and constructively work towards dispute resolution.

What’s involved?

I work with you to apply a range of action-oriented strategies to help you to become more confident when dealing with workplace conflict.

I help you take these strategies and put them into practice in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you so you can work to your strengths in getting a positive outcome. And it’s not just about dealing with this specific conflict. It’s about developing essential day-to-day communications skills you can apply in all aspects of your work and life so you continue to develop and grow.

If you’re thinking about conflict coaching as a solution to your workplace challenge, you should always make sure you use a qualified conflict coach.

What’s the outcome?

You’ll transition from knowing “what to do” to knowing “how to do it”. This shift includes learning to understand and clearly see the critical elements requiring attention and knowing exactly how to approach each new conversation. In doing this, you’ll stop procrastinating and take action so you can grow to be the best communicator you can be.

Do you need help to take action on difficult workplace conversations? Take control and get in touch with me for a confidential (and free) conversation.

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