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I have a simple vision: for everybody to become confident communicators. These interviews are designed to provide practical skills you can apply straight away.

Today I interviewed Bill Eddy about his book, ‘It’s all your fault at work. Managing Narcissists and Other High-Conflict People’ that he co-authored with L. Geogri DiStefano LCSW

This interview is a practical introduction to managing High-Conflict People.

Bill helps us identify when to adjust our response. He states a normal response just don’t work. So to quote Bill,

” Just Fuhgeddaboutdit! ”

He goes on to say HCP people have a cycle of high-conflict thinking that goes like this:
~ 1. A mistake assessment of danger  M.A.D.
~ 2. Behaviour that’s Aggressively Defensive B.A.D.
~ 3. Negative Feedback N.F.

As far as acronyms go MAD and BAD are pretty cool.

In this interview you will learn how to:
~ Connect (yes, connect)
~ Analyse the situation
~ Respond (how and what to respond to)
~ Set limits to their behaviours

Seriously this interview is packed full of gems.

Enjoy, Cheers Tess

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About Bill Eddy, LCSW, ESQ.

Bill-Eddy-150pxBill Eddy is internationally renowned as one of America’s best-known High-Conflict Specialists. He has a global reputation as a leading thinker having designed new ways to approach high-conflict situations. He challenges our conventional thinking and automatic reactions to high conflict behaviour and hides you to incredibly effective and simple methods to approach High-Conflict People.

If you enjoyed the interview you will love the book. You can buy it from the following locations.


Hardcopy purchase Australialia

eBook Bookbaby

Unhooked books

What people are saying about the interview

I found the webinar really interesting and I can listen to Bill all day!
Maria Mallinson
Chief Compliance Officer
Australian Communication Exchange Limited

The webinar was terrific.  Congratulations on such a professional session.
Patrick Wedge
Mediator and Conflict Management Coach
Conflict Resolution Centre

Thanks for arranging this terrific session and to Bill for sharing.
Megan Peach 
On The Cusp

The interview was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I’ll be ordering the book asap.
Don Lynch
State Manager | Business Credit NSW / ACT
Bank Of Queensland