Here's everything you get (Seriously!)

  • Bite sized video training to make creating Cohesive Conversations simplier and easier
  • Daily emails with a simple, achievable task so that the habit of creating Cohesive Conversations is integrated into your daily life
  • The opportunity to submit questions privately 
  • Cohesive Conversation techniques explained in simple practical steps
  • Links to useful resources, tools, articles techniques and video to reenforce your learnings and the occasional laugh
  • Your bonus - Strategies and techniques for intiating conversations so that people have an open mind to what you are saying

Put simply, its 10 days to more confidence

The single biggest reason for mastering Cohesive Conversations is to make your life simplier. If you spend less time worrying about challenging conversations you can spend more time doing something else. It could be focused on the outcomes of your conversations, or it could simply be getting on with your work, or going home earlier because you have not spent most of your time explaing yourself. 

Short on time?

I have tried very hard to keep each module bite sizes, so you can fit them into your busy day. All modules can be completed in 30 minutes or less.